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Photovoltaic dedicated cables


Photovoltaic cables


Due to soaring electricity costs from fuel fossil energy and greenhouse gases emission concerns, the photovoltaic PV market has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade.


The photovoltaic power is well on the way to becoming a fully competitive part of the electricity system in the Africa and an increasingly important part of the energy mix around the Globe. PV markets are stronger than ever, and PV now appears on the energy map of several countries as a real alternative to conventional electricity sources.
Costs of PV installation are going down and despite Western European markets being volatile because of Feed in Tariffs and incentives being reduced, some markets are on the way to reach grid parity, the point at which alternative means of generating electricity becomes competitive versus commercially available grid power based on coal or gas.


In order to respond to his customers’ request, Nexans has developed a wide range of cables and services for connecting photovoltaic installations under the brand Keylios®.


Through this comprehensive range of cables and services Nexans is well positioned to tackle all customers from modules manufacturers to projects developers, installers, specialised distributors or wholesalers.


A core element in the Keylios® range is the state-of-the-art 0.6 to1kV Energyflex® cables, with cross-linked polyolefin insulation, designed to link PV panels on rooftop or in solar fields and also connect them to the array box or inverter. Resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to +120°C), ozone and UV, these zero-halogen cables are low-smoke and flame-retardant for enhanced fire security. Both UL and TÜV-certified, they fit main connectors, are color-striped for easy installation and phase identification, meet RoHS directives, and are fully recyclable. Energyflex® cables are also available with E-beam cross linked technology with TÜV approval, in order to respond all needs of our customers.