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Project Management

Project Management

Intratrek Zimbabwe your strong partner for everything from A to Z

All necessary project phases are completed by us on behalf of our customers and contracting parties. The outcome: smooth processes and a high degree of transparency and quality. We even provide reliable support with our expertise at the end of the service life when it is a question of dismantling the system and enabling lucrative recycling of the valuable building components and materials.

Would you like to know which key steps are necessary and that we can take care of for you competently and as a matter of course? Find out now on the following pages. Please feel free to contact our friendly team should you have any concrete enquiries or require further information.


Verification and planning

Following a thorough survey of the site and all relevant factors, we develop made-to-measure systems, prepare yield reports to present to banks and investors as the basis of financing, take care of feed-in applications and permits and, where necessary, also conduct technical due diligence analyses.

Concrete yield prognoses – because you can count on us.

On request, we prepare in-depth yield prognoses for your financing concept and to present to banks and investors. Besides the system data, we also use high-precision weather and radiation data in addition to the geographic position and possible shading risks for it. The outcome: concrete figures on your system’s long-term yield that you can use as the basis for calculations.

Quality that has been verified and documented down to the smallest of details.

Quality is very important to us – from the system components used to the rapid implementation of all steps in the work process! Besides the standard quality assurance measures, the due diligence analyses also offer maximum transparency and the highest safety standards. This includes both the technical documentation and sound evaluation and consultancy services – all clearly prepared and documented for you. The outcome: optimal transparency and continuous quality assurance.


Realisation and construction


We realise individual photovoltaic projects of all sizes. In doing so we take care of the construction and assembly, ensure the use of top-quality materials and construction components, and monitor the entire construction process. This includes a comprehensive range of services on the independent system evaluation – indispensable for investors and for selling a system.

Launch of operations, maintenance, operations management

We also offer reliable assistance following successful launch of your photovoltaic system. On request, we manage specific services such as maintenance, monitoring and regular evaluation of the data. This also includes tending to the modules to ensure the best possible yields in the long term.

Dismantling and materials management

The service life of photovoltaic systems is limited. To ensure that you also receive expert advice at the end of your system’s service life, we also support you with our expertise during this phase. We take care of the disassembly and dismantling of the entire system and ensure the site is restored to its previous state. This constitutes an integral component of our services.

Lucrative recycling of valuable building materials.

As a reliable service provider in the field of renewable energies, we are committed to ensuring a high level of quality and sustainability. All the better, therefore, that the valuable raw materials also retain their value at the end of the service life and so can be profitably recycled.